Friday, February 20, 2009

My Four-Year-Old's First Kiss...

...That I know of.

Today my friend C, and I started our first go at trading babysitting so we can go to the temple during the day. We are hoping to be able to go once each month.

She has four kids. Her youngest are exactly the same age as mine are. S, her son, is a few months older than K, and her baby E is a few months older than M. (I need to come up with real nicknames for my girls)

E, M, K, S

We had breakfast, played outside, danced outside, had a snack outside, played upstairs, had lunch and dressed up and ended with popcorn and Wall-E.

While were upstairs M felt sad because K was so busy dancing with S. So I took her out of K's room (doors all open) into her own, to talk with her. Soon E joined us, and I realized that the other two were suspiciously quiet.

I walked back into K's room, and found K laying in bed, with S over her kissing her, just like in all those Disney Princess movies. (Blast you Disney)

I wanted to laugh, and throw him off her in the same instant. Instead, I kept my head. I calmly asked them what they were playing. K was so nonchalant, it was like nothing even registered on a significant scale. Meanwhile, little S gave me these mischievous, "I know you caught me doing something I probably shouldn't" eyes.

K told how they were playing princesses and the stuffed animal monsters killed her and S had to revive her with a kiss.

I think one day soon I need to explain that "true love's kiss" doesn't bring us back from the dead.

I then suggested we all go downstairs to draw or dance. K was eager to go draw. She is my little artiste. S, put his arm around K and pleaded with her to stay and play more princesses.

So I quickly came up with a better idea. A movie! And popcorn! I don't know if the suggestion, or my enthusiasm did the trick. They were off scampering downstairs.

Once there S immediately put both his arms around K. I was begging the microwave to pop faster, so his hands would be preoccupied.

Heavens, they are only 4.

They were watching the movie and eating popcorn when I finally had a moment to call R, my hubby.

"Honey, um, I think your daughter just had her first kiss."
"Who do I have to kill?"

Thank heavens they're only 4...if they were 10 I'd be even crazier Mommy.

When my friend C got back from the temple, I told her how her little guy has the moves. She laughed and blamed her husband for that.

Of course, one day, we will all tease them about this. Let's hope tomorrow doesn't come soon. I'm not ready for the raging hormones.


Greek Goddess said...

Oh Boy. I don't know what I'm going to do when I get to that point. I've only caught R. kissing herself in the mirror so far. But she is deeply romantic. It's going to be hard.

Queen Scarlett said...

Right after their princess kissing... S, the boy said "we need to get married now".

hehehe... AHHHHH ;-) My K is also too much of a romantic. I blame Disney.

dalene said...

Oh how I love this! (But I blame Disney, too.)

glittersmama said...

Did your husband go buy a shotgun today?

Queen Scarlett said...

Dalene - seriously... I never noticed how much Disney brainwashes us... just the entry-way to romantic comedies and unrealistic expectations. ;-)

glittersmama - we have one on hold. heheeh