Sunday, February 8, 2009

Goodbye Ear Infection, Hello Strep Throat

My girls have been on antibiotics for 10 days (ended Friday) for ear infections. Then in the middle of night (technically 5-6am this Sunday morning) my youngest, M woke up with a fever and complaints of her mouth hurting. She said "I have a canker sore". I looked in her mouth and her throat looked read and swollen. So we went off to the Urgent Care center to check it out.

The swab test came out positive. Also husband has been complaining of a sore throat for a couple weeks (but, like a typical guy doesn't go to the doctor - drives me crazy). So this is all his fault. He is our resident petri dish. Never known anyone who catches every bug than him.

So...looks like we are back on the antibiotic train. Choo choo.

At least they'll stop being contagious after what... three days? That's when I need to throw away the toothbrushes so they don't reinfect themselves.

I think a bunch of you out there in blog-land have Strep too...right? Or am I hallucinating?


Sister Pottymouth said...

Ugh. Sick kids are the WORST! I hope everyone gets better fast.

La Yen said...

Ew. Time for a new family?

dalene said...

Hope everyone is well soon.

Queen Scarlett said...

So the good news is... the rest of us don't have strep. And... I had to eat my words when I blamed my hubby for it. ;-)

Poor M is still dealing with fevers, nausea and meds.