Friday, May 8, 2009

Being a Child is Stupid

Avant Garde Gal: I am going to disappear you Daddy.
Phantom: Then I'm going to disappear you.
AGG: No.
Phantom: Ok fine, I'll bring you back.
AGG: I'm going to crack your head.
Phantom: Ok, then I'll just disappear you again.
AGG: No, if you do that I'm, I'm, I'm going to THROW things at you.
Phantom: You better not.
AGG: I will.
Phantom: Try it.

*AGG runs from the family room to the office where I'm sitting*

Queen Scarlett: Sweetie, what are you doing?
AGG: I'm hiding from Daddy.
QS: Why?
AGG: Daddy wanted me to disappear, that means he wants me to be dead.
QS: He doesn't want you to be dead.
AGG: Well, he disappeared me.
QS: He disappeared you after you disappeared him. He brought you back and then you tried to crack his head, so he disappeared you a second time. You started it.
AGG: I told Daddy to go to time-out and the garage.
QS: Sweetie, are you in charge of the house?
AGG: Yes.
QS: No, you're not, you're not a grown up.
AGG: Yes I am.
QS: No, you are a child.
AGG: NO, YOU ARE WRONG! I'm four-and-half, I'm a GROWN-UP.
QS: No, you're not, four-and-a-half is a child.
AGG: I don't want to be a child.
QS: Why?
AGG: Being a child is stupid.


Holli said...

Haha - she and Craig should get together. I feel like I'm raising a teenager already with his attitude about being grown up and able to make his own decisions. And how parents are just trying to boss kids around and make them do chores. He's already started in with the "it's a free country" bit. Ah, if they only knew how great it is to be kids. :-)

Queen Scarlett said...

They totally need to get together... she is constantly trying to figure out when she can be older, what power she can have... I swear it's like she's a 4.5 yrs old. Isn't Craig only 7? Ai ya!

Dude... I want to be a all day...give someone else the responsibility...

Ok... I lie. I like the control. Maybe that's why she's just like me.

Geo said...

Got that right!