Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Letter to the Editor

Dear SacBee,

Thank you for your public tantrum. You have further proved how totally, irrevocably, irrelevant you are. You should have never pulled your childish tirade. Now, not only do you look like an immature, petulant child, you're also a weasel too. Bravo!

In a time when the papers are becoming extinct... you are quickly creating your own demise. Bravo! Encore!

Let's make if very clear - America is a place for people who rule. Not you hacks sitting in a dingy, cubicle office. We rule. We vote. We stick it to the folks we elect. It's OUR job. You want to know how we want the budget changed? STOP spending. Make cuts. Cuts that WILL hurt. Let's face it, these politicians have been running us dry... how could anyone be surprised that the people finally woke up and said, NO WAY, NO HOW... HELL NO. We don't want more spending when we as a state HAVE NO MONEY!!!

Have you heard the latest? The loopy legislature wants to increase gas taxes...but instead of letting the people vote on it - they want to add it as if it wasn't a gas tax... to pull an illegal maneuver on us... changing the definition of words to make it so. Let's just say, next time these fools are up for election - we'll remember - we're angry...and nothing... is going to cool us off.

Oh...and SacBee... remind me how great your circulation is again... oh, right nothing noteworthy to mention.

One of the people you so dismiss... you're in for it now.

See Michele Malkin and The Radio Patriot

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