Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day

On Mother's Day my husband slept in.

Then my daughters and I brought him breakfast in bed around 10:30am. (Church doesn't start until 11:30am)

We greeted him with "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY"! He woke up all groggy and with a confused look in his eyes said, "I thought it was Mother's day"? heheheh

There's a Father's day song too...

In all fairness, he was out working the yard the day before. He over-exerted his back. The breakfast in bed was my little way of teasing him. Don't worry... he made up for the morning.

The one thing I wanted, was to be on-time to Church to take the sacrament. We weren't exactly on time - but we made in time to take the sacrament. The adult talk was given by Greg, my friend April's hubby. He did a fantastic job. If you're looking for a well-rounded, realistic, but joyful talk - he gave it. They're both great speakers.

Then came the ward gift after Sacrament meeting, for all the women in Relief Society. I joked to my hubby that if it wasn't chocolate, I wasn't standing. Turns out, it was better than chocolate. Two chocolate covered pretzels from Sugar Rush.

In Relief Society our presidency presented a little brunch. We had a short lesson and then gabbing and munching. Nice huh? I'm thinking this should be a weekly thing.

After Church my hubby told me we should take the girls to the bathroom. I told him they could wait until we got home. He then spilled that he had a surprise in store for us. YIPEE!

He took us to the Sacramento Temple to have a picnic. He forgot the camera, but we had the iPhone. I love picnics. I love love love picnics. I also love the temple. The Sacramento Temple grounds are beautiful... the girls like to pretend they're in the spooky woods. It's perfect for just laying out in the sun and enjoying the peace of being near to the Temple.

After our picnic lunch we strolled around the Temple. The girls love being near the temple. It was the perfect way to enjoy a Mother's day. The Temple reminds me of how important our little family is. It draws my soul upwards to where I hope we can return.

When we returned home, we set the girls loose outside in their kiddie pool and cooked together. We love cooking together - my hubby and I would love to take gourmet cooking classes when the girls are older.

Dinner was a simple, what we had in the kitchen, dinner. Chicken curry and fresh fruit. I am a curry addict.

The evening ended with my hubby and I watching a movie and him rubbing my back, my arms, my feet... it was nice. Time with family... that's all I need.

Maybe next year we'll check off something from my bucket list... I want to go to one of those gourmet, need reservations far in advance, Mother's Day Brunches. Know of any good ones? I am ready to start planning now.


Holli said...

Sounds like a fabulous day. Happy Mother's Day - best job in the world.

glittersmama said...

Your day sounds fabulous.

I love your orange walls. We had orange walls in our old house. I miss them.

Queen Scarlett said...

Holli - I totally agree.
glittersmama - Thank you - I love that burnt orange color too.

Greek Goddess said...

Looks like you had a fantastic day. Love the Father's day joke. That was cute.