Monday, May 4, 2009

How arguments start in our home

I'm calling K, my four year old Avant Garde Gal. I'm calling my two year old M, Dauntless Daughter. My hubby will be known as Phantom.

I may change it... we'll see. I might just get tired of the abbrev... I'm steady like that.

Avant Garde Gal: Daddy, I want a brother.

Phantom: *silence*

AGG: I want a brother please.

Phantom: *silence*

AGG: I want a brother because I love brothers!

Dauntless Daughter: No!

AGG: YES, I need a brother!!!


AGG: YES, I SAID YES!!!! *scream*




Holli said...

Funny, my boys are always asking for a sister! Maybe we could trade a kid, then AGG will have a brother and my kids will have a sister. Although, then DD will have 3 brothers and no sister, so I guess she'd be pretty upset about that. Hmm, sorry, no help here.

Queen Scarlett said...

hehehehe... funny. I know that if they had a brother AGG would call him her "little bother". She loves Olivia the pig. ;-)

DD just wants to be the baby.