Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mother Earth

My daughter AGG, who is four saw this picture and said "That's Wall-E's thing!!!"

Another thing from Yoga class I remembered. The instructor was guiding us through a few poses, one right after the other. She wanted us to ground ourselves into the earth. Which, I'll be honest, always makes me laugh a little on the inside, because we're on the second floor of the gym. Yes, I also hang out in the back of the class giggling when I fall over, because it's funny.

She started talking about grounding into the earth, being grateful for the earth, for the food that sustains us, grown in the earth. I kept thinking, "thank you mother earth".

Driving home I thought of how nurturing motherhood is. How we provide the nutrients (good food, healthy living, education, etc) for our children. I thought about God. I thought about our Heavenly Mother. I know we don't speak about Her, she is so special. I started to wonder, is how we treat the bounty of the earth reflective of how we would treat our Heavenly Mother?

I'm not sure I can find the right words for what I was feeling as I drove home, but I almost felt like, we weren't worthy to know more about her, because we haven't been doing a great job of appreciating, and taking care of what we have here from the earth.

I don't know. But I do know I want to think more consciously of where my food comes from, how I treat the beautiful, rich earth, and how I can mother my children to appreciate it too.

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