Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Disneyland and California Adventure

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Saturday, 10pm - hubby came upstairs to ask about him going to Anaheim for a SJ Sharks playoff game. I shrug. I decide he can. A half hour later I tell him he might as well take us all to Disneyland.

We decide at midnight that it is doable, after researching tix prices. I was up until 2am planning, making lists... because while the trip was spontaneous...I am still a planner.

Sunday, car ride down to LA after AGG had given her Sunday talk in Primary. We left around 4pm.

Monday, lunch at La Brea Bakery in Downtown Disney. Love their bread. I had their spicy chicken sandwich (YUM), Phantom had NY Steak Sandwich (which he loved), the girls split a grilled cheese and fruit plate. After filling our tummies we entered Disneyland. They are running a Two-fer for SoCal residents - so Phantom's best friend got us the tix. (SoCal residents can purchase 8 tix for people). We applied sunscreen - it was the perfect breezy, sunny day.

We hit main street, listened to the band, explored Aurora's castle. We had never seen that exhibit before. The girls were mesmerized and AGG screamed from surprise.

We happened to be in line for Peter Pan when my friend Amy showed up. So they joined us! After Peter Pan we did the merry-go-round and Dumbo.

After Dumbo we got in line for Small World and happened to have Amy's mom Linda catch up with us. They are even more stunning in person. They are each half my size. The girls had so much fun with Amy's girls.

After Small World we let the girls run around before we parted ways. Phantom wanted to take the girls to Star Tours. Unfortunately, DD is still too small (not 40" yet). Phantom took AGG and didn't think to tell her it was just a ride...not a real space ship. She was TERRIFIED. Thought she was really going to crash, bleed, crack... her words. Can you imagine? I felt so bad for her. She said she did not like the rocket, gravity ride. We also went on the car-ride thing in tomorrow land.

Then we hit the Jungle Cruise as our last ride before Phantom had to go to the SJ Sharks v. Mighty Ducks game. The Sharks were CRUSHED. I had a feeling that would happen - the SJ Sharks choke every playoff. On the car ride back to Phantom's best friend's home DD immediately fell asleep. AGG was up drawing for a bit. She drew Aurora touching the spinning wheel, and one of Prince Phillip waking her with a kiss.

Tuesday we went to California Adventure. Our first stop was Ariel's Grotto. Did you know they take reservations 60 days in advance? If you are planning to do a character meal - make a reservation in advance so you don't have to wait.

We were quite pleased with the Ariel's Grotto dining experience. The food was surprisingly good. I had the Cioppino. Loved it. Then the girls were able to have their own time with each princess. They were in awe. They are at this age where they totally think it is real. It is magical. If they were 10 or so - the magic of this age wouldn't be the same. It was cute to hear AGG point at each princess and tell her with unrestrained excitement "I HAVE YOUR MOVIE!" DD was so happy to see Jasmine. She couldn't stop peppering her with questions "Where's Aladdin?" "Where is the magic carpet?" "What is Rajah doing?" Jasmine was the sweetest - she took time to talk to both girls. Cinderella also took the girls to do a little dancing. It was magical watching the girls.

After the lunch we rushed over to Playhouse Disney. They do a show with Mickey Mouse Club, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. The girls still love Little Einsteins. We happened to be in line when my friend Greek Goddess met up with us. Perfect timing.

The show was fun - they loved it. It's just 20 minutes so ... we wished it was longer. After that we headed to Monster's Inc. The girls love the movie and have fun hearing Roz say at the end "later Dudes". DD is a fan of saying "I'm watching you Wozowski, always watching".

From there we ran into Minnie Mouse, and headed off to A Bug's Life land. I need to let the girls watch this movie. They had fun on the rides suited just for them. I think we hit at least four rides there. After that we parted company with my lovely friend. We headed over to Soarin' Over California. It was the one ride I'd actually wanted to ride that was sort of adult-ish.

Unfortunately, DD was too short. It was also too late to do the baby swap. So Phantom and AGG were able to go with my hubby's best friend and wife. I'll have to go next time. It was really fun seeing how exhilarated my sweet AGG was after the ride. We'll have to wait for DD to reach 40" to go again.

We were able to head back over to Disneyland. We rode on Alice in Wonderland, Storybook land boat ride, Casey Junior train, and the Merry-go-round. Sitting on the merry-go-round, each of us on individual horses was just the perfect moment. It was the perfect way to end our trip. I was so happy and peaceful I felt like I couldn't contain anymore joy. Fun having a little family.

Then it was time to get some food. We headed to the Mexican place in downtown Disney. After dinner the girls danced a bit outside the restaurant, to the music playing, then again at the tram line. Then they were so cuddly cute with each other on the ride back to the car.

We thought they'd be dead asleep by the time we got back to Phantom's friend's place, but no...

Wednesday we headed back home. We stopped at Anderson's Pea Soup in Santa Nella per my fabulously sassy bike riding friend, Sally and Chuck's recommendation. Incidentally, this restaurant was featured in a show on E... the one with three blond ditzes and an old dude. (heh)

We made it home in time for me to make the girls some dinner, have my hubby throw them in the bath and then I was off to a Kindergarten Q&A session.

Needless to say... it was a fantastic trip - and an even better night's sleep in our own beds.
The End.

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