Friday, December 3, 2010


The Saturday after Thanksgiving we dressed into warm pajamas and robes and boarded The Polar Express!

We wanted to take the girls last year, but they were sold out. This year was our year!

I love pajamas... in fact, we all do. So any excuse to wear pajamas is a good time for all. I was rather surprised at all the people lacking in pajamas on The Polar Express. Did they not read the book? Or perhaps they prefer sleeping in the buff. If that's the case. I am filled with gratitude that they didn't come in their preferred sleeping mode.

We had a blast.

Hot Cocoa is served, along with cookies. The Polar Express book is read, the music from the movie is played, the characters walk through the cars.

Santa joined us with bells for each of the magic ticket holders. This Santa even took time to talk to my 6YO who was unbelieving the entire ride. Turns out she believes in the real Santa, just not in the imitations she sees. This Santa talked to her twice...and it thrilled her. We were impressed with how well all the staff there treated everyone, they were so friendly and sweet.

After The Polar Express we headed to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner... and then on the way home, all three girls fell asleep on the way home. Grateful for our little family this Christmas and everyday.

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