Monday, December 13, 2010

Jesus is Real, Super Cute & Pops

We rushed home from San Francisco on Sunday so that my 4YO, Dauntless Daughter could give her first talk in primary. She was so excited when I told her about the upcoming talk. I also let her write her talk herself - I was her scribe on the computer. I told her the theme was Jesus is our Redeemer and well, this is what she asked me to write down.

I know that Jesus is real.
He is eternal.
He made the earth and all the things.
He’s grateful and nice and He forgives bad people.
He loves good people and bad people because He is nice.
That’s why we have a holiday when the Eternal Father had a Son.
Because it’s Christmas!
My heart loves Jesus.
I know He loves me.
He likes it when we give beautiful talks, and we love Him.

In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

She was totally excited, got up to the podium and did her shy thing, trying to burrow into my neck. So we had big sis, 6YO Avant Garde Gal, come up to read it, then mid-way through DD decided she wanted to speak, only to speak all embarrassed/shy-like and well... maybe she's more of a writer... than a speaker. Although... I recall AGG going through this phase. Hopefully it will clear out soon, because they do such a great job with elocution and performing home.

I do love hearing what they have internalized from going to Church, family home evening lessons and conversations about God and our purpose on earth. Kids have such a pure sentiment about the gospel, about their Savior. They help to remind us that what matters is Truth, God and family. All the other frivolous, human imperfections that give us no end of frustration, can be ignored, because it's mostly crazy.

DD is always saying "I want to be a baby again". This morning we were cuddling and we had this little exchange.

QS: I love your cute feet.
DD: I want to be a baby again.
QS: Why?
DD: Because I was so cute.
QS: You still are so cute. I love your cheeks!
DD: No I'm not.
QS: Yes, you are so cute.
DD: Ok. But I'm not super CUTE.

The other day we had this conversation.

4YO: Mom, may I have a pop?
QS: A what?
4YO: A big pop!
QS: No.

4YO: Then can I have a sucker?

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