Thursday, December 23, 2010

Partying Kid-style

We love our piano teacher. The girls are playing silent night... slowly, but surely.

We had a preschool performance.

When it comes to sneakers... they always end up on the wrong foot. She's my Hawaiian girl, prefers to go without socks and only with sandals...even in the rain.

Note that every child is wearing a Santa hat, but mine. She didn't want it to cover her headband. Go individuality! My little one has plenty of her own verve.

We had an elementary pajama day performance. First graders rule!

They sang all manner of Christmas carols. Naturally, I was right there in the front row with my camera and my Flip.

Hey, if the kids get to wear pajamas all day, that means we all get to wear them. I am so tempted to learn how to get a national pajama day started. So tempted. Likely, I'll be too lazy in my pajamas to do anything.

We celebrated with a kid-Christmas-pajama-movie night-party. Why? Because they asked. (they saw the fun from book group...and wanted their own party) Also, I am obliging when it comes to parties. I love reasons to party...or no reason at all.

Unlike our last blow-out birthday extravaganza, I learned my lesson and limited the number of invitees. Also, since this was a spur of the moment party - the email invites went out Thursday evening (same night my book group met at my house), for a party that Saturday. The short notice also helped in limiting the number of attendees.

We had 8 kids total. Three for each of my girls.

There were Christmas crafts.

Christmas stories. My 6YO is reading Elf on the Shelf.

Christmas movies and munching.

Christmas goody bags.

And of course, taking turns jumping on the trampoline in the living room.


...and may we all see this wonderful Christmas season through the eyes of a child.

Pure, innocent and bright.

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