Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Letting go

Last year I went cuckoo-ca-choo with all my baking and cooking for people in my neighborhood. This year, I have no energy, desire, or motivation. You know how you give and give and give... and end up a bit empty/runnin' outta gas? That's how I feel this year.

So I'm simplifying. It's about my family this year.

I have a wise friend that told me recently that it's important to focus on the people who appreciate you, and you gifts/talents/presence.

This is where I wish those kindred friends who live afar... I wish were closer so I could feed them, to show how grateful I am for them. Please consider these pictures... what I would do for you, if we were nearer.

A twist on my friend CW's chicken pot pie. Her recipe is drool-worthy. It makes the Costco chicken pot pie taste like blech... and I adore Costco the store/company.

Yes. I know... I actually made dinners for people. It was utterly insane. Great fun though.

I'm not even mailing out Christmas letters. That is how awesome I am this year. Our Christmas greetings will solely include a blog post.

This year, the simplicity, the break, will do me wonders. Life is a constant ebb and flow of seasons. Last year was incredibly fun, but that was a season for going bananas. This year is my season to chill, and relax. So... I'm gonna be busy making it grand for my family, because if I don't, no one else will.

Cookies and cupcakes from Martha Stewart's cookies and cupcakes books.



Mrs. Organic said...

It all looks fabulous! I'm going to have to try CW's recipe, today is the perfect day for it.

La Yen said...

All I am saying is, fedex me some pie.

cabesh said...

That settles it. I'm moving to your neighborhood. ;)

Queen Scarlett said...

Mrs Organic - it is a most satisfying recipe!


cabesh - I need a wonderful, lovely, funny, brilliant friend/neighbor! Miss you!