Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happiness Post:: Post 28

Yesterday after our Fourth of July fare I started washing the pots, pans and cookie sheets. I had only the wok and a cookie sheet left when my 6YO shouted excitedly, "I want to do that! Can I help?!"

Just a breath behind her, my 4YO shouted, "Me too! Me too! I want to too!"

For a moment, it seemed as if time had shifted, perhaps paused, and I had a momentary vision of what it would be like not to wash pots and pans anymore. I knew this fantasy would fade if I didn't react quickly, so through a fog of confusion I struggled to make my stunned tongue move itself into recognizable words.

"uh, YES, YES, YES... YAY! Now, get the step stool and get over here!"

Then as I supervised, they joyfully, enthusiastically washed up my wok and sheet.

O' glorious, glorious day of freedom.

Let independence reign!

By the by, Sunday evening our town had a fireworks show. Last year when we went we were in a spot where everyone else was and it took us 1.5 hours to leave the parking lot, after a 20 min show.

This year, we found our own private spot and left, with no traffic jams. We'll be there next year. We are not telling you where it is. 


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