Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The LA Times ran this article. Read that first and take a look at the comments - that will make what I have to say below make much more sense.

If you look at some of the comments you'll find that some focus on all the exceptions. I of course - had to comment. Whether or not my comment gets on the board - below is what I had to say. Course - it's my blog so I don't have to limit it to 650 characters.

Well stated. Well focused. That's the heart of the issue. Children. If we focused on their needs there wouldn't be a question about marriage, instead selfishness prevails. Selfishness always stands in the way of protecting, preserving the children.

Most of the comments here are about the exceptions. There are exceptions in every situation and issue. The point is - there is an ideal. The ideal is a loving mother and father bringing into this world a child. Together they foster a solid foundation of identity, stability, love and nurturing direction. Does this always happen? Of course not. We’re human and inherently imperfect. But that doesn't mean we then shoot for the lowest common denominator. As a society we must fight for the ideal. If we fall to the "at least it's better than" philosophy we will never be able to move forward as a society.

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AzĂșcar said...

Wow! That's a fantastic article! I completely agree with him on every point. It's so great to hear something written from my perspective that supposed Prop 8.

Thank you!