Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The definition of absurd

is ... Matt Damon and actors that act like they know politics. Remember all those folks that said they'd move out of this country if Bush was elected... I'm still waiting for their boxes to be packed and those moving trucks to ship 'em out. I had no idea how many years it takes for an actor to pack up their crap.

Can anyone pick out all the things that are just absurd in this video? Other than Matt Damon himself?

I love South Park's take on him and other folksy folks like him. ahhahahah


soybeanlover said...

Hahaha, ditto. I may sometimes share views, but please if you are going to promise to move out of the country, follow up, otherwise you just lose any credibility or right to share your opinion.

AzĂșcar said...

I completely and utterly agree with him.


Don't hate me! :)

Does it count if I got my Spanish passport after the 2004 election?

Queen Scarlett said...

It's always funny to me when people bring up dinosaurs. Like, really? That's what's got your panties in a knot?

It's like those that find out you're Mormon and instantly ask - "uh, so what do you think about dinosaurs?"

They're big and pretty cool. These are people that think dinosaurs is an "AHA - GOTCHA... you're an idiot because you believe in God". Guess what? Science is NOT fixed. It is a fluid process. Our job is to learn as much as we can - get over yourselves and your opinions that you think are fact. Dude... Pluto was demoted... the world isn't flat... wow... did you know you can learn new things everyday?

Matt Damon grousing about experience. Um... well - he endorsed Obama for Pres just after barely 2 years as senator. AND... MR. Damonic experience... how 'bout the Academy penalize you for your Good Will Hunting because you were, according to your definition "inexperienced"?

People who grouse over Sarah's inexperience - need to take a look at their blindness at Obama's. I mean - he's running for the number 1 spot - I'd think people who want him would be a little less ignorant. But this is the hypocrisy that resides in that camp.