Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Snow Gear

Ok... bloggers so we have a goal of taking our girls to the snow this year. One reason I love living in Calif - that I can go to the snow when I really want to ... it never comes to me. YAY!

Anywho - I'm looking for places to get some snow gear for the girls. Any recommendations? I get the Land's End catalogs and am not sure if I should get those or find something else.

Advice? Suggestions? We honestly have no snow gear. I don't even have any. I think I abandoned it all after leaving Utah...10 years ago.


AzĂșcar said...

Lands end is a good place to start, but so is LL Bean.

Queen Scarlett said...


b. said...

Ditto azucar....I LOVE our Lands End stuff.
The boots have been awesome, the squall jackets, parkas, gloves, all of it really....we've tried it all!

b. said...

striped tights from Hannah Anderson are to die for. They have beautiful swedish cotton clothing in the funnest, brightest colors.

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks b. good advice... I love girly tights.