Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My sweet little one

Today I had to run to the post office to put some passport renewals in the mail.

My 3 and 1 year old, upon entering the post office, decided to touch everything. First they played with the chains on the security sensors. This set them off. Then they decided to do some shopping, by pulling off all the collectible stamps, commemorative pins, posters, boxes they could get their hands on.

It would not have bothered me if the people around me weren't so unfriendly. I had threatened time-out, counted to three and been stern about cleaning up. I even did the friendly "clean up" song. They were having too much fun - and there's always more daring with two.

After I had finished my posting business, cleaned up their mess...and endured the stares and silence...I was grumpy. I had my 1 year old in my arms and refused to smile at them. Of course my 1 year old kept peeking at my face with her mischievous grin. She did this three times, and on the fourth time said with a huge grin, "Mommy, don't be mad."

I kissed her.
Can't help it.
Too cute.

Plus... how stupid of me to care about how other people - who can't understand what it is like... or refuse to remember... who cares what they think. I'm always smiling in solidarity at a mother who is looking like she's losing it, or telling her how that happens to me - to let her know I have been, or am there just to empathize.

I love my girls - so glad that they can look at me and smile.


AzĂșcar said...

So true! I remember when we were at the children's museum, my husband wanted Guille to move to the next exhibit, even though he was having so much fun where he was. "But, he needs to keep moving!" "Why?" "Because it's rude not to." "Rude? Your kid is having fun! Who cares?!"

(Well, within reason anyway.)

La Yen said...

They really don't do that in El Paso. I have yet to find a grumpy person or un-understanding line stander. It is such a family-oriented town that everyone wants to be the grandpa or grandma in the line, if only for a minute.

Queen Scarlett said...

It happened to be a day where all the people that came in were in their 40-60s. So I will give them a pass because early, onset crabbiness has set in.

Although mine started at 30. ahhaha

Greek Goddess said...

You made me smile because I had a similar event in Costco on the same day. But in my case a man looked at me and said: "Believe me, these are the easy years." Ha. My kids will be PERFECT teenagers. You just wait!

Queen Scarlett said...

With you as their Mom - I have no doubt.