Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Foreign policy. FYI - I have none. My blood came from Taiwan...and China - but I'm mostly white on the inside.

Here's my take on the foreign policy bit for Sarah Palin the VP candidate. I cant' stress enough that she is just running for VP. Aren't VPs just accessories?

Bad answer with Couric. I wished that Palin had just admitted, and said "I don't have any. I'm a Governor. That's something I will learn on the job, like Reagan and Clinton. Both men who ran for president, the top job. I imagine foreign policy will also be something that Obama, who is running for that top job, will need to learn, if he is elected president too."

I wish she said that. Given the amount of media trainers and PR people - that's the answer I would've recommended. You take the bite out of it by being honest. Don't try to create the answer...just be honest about the fact that her role is the VP... not president. Let's be honest... when has the VP been anything more than dressing?

That's what I would do... but then again - if I was in that same situation - I might of gotten all silly too... if I were put in a position to be VP - heck yes, I'd give it a go. Maybe that's why I like it that someone not polished has that chance.

I'm not naive enough to think either party has the answers. Or that any candidate is sent from heaven. (Mitt was pretty close *wink*) But there are things that I hold dear that mesh more with one party than another. That's how it goes.

Here's the deal. I don't think any of the candidates are bad people. Misguided maybe... But... I do believe that people who think Obama is the Messiah are nutjobs. Sorry, I do. He's no different than any other politician. And whenever you ask what people mean by Change... they have blank old faces, and an inability to articulate. Anytime people claim something too good to be true... I check my butt... I'd like to know what color smoke they're blowing up my ass.


Dalene said...

Your What-Palin-should-have-said-to-Couric was brilliant. Maybe McCain should have picked you for VP!

What I think is that anyone who fervently supports any of the candidates is idealistic. There's room for that in this world. I've just been around too long and been disappointed too many times for that kind of hope.

As for Palin, I guess I did dare to hope for just a minute--she was a fresh face and she definitely was not one of the good old boys. But to be honest, I've been a bit disappointed in her interviews. It will be interesting to see how she does in the debate.

Queen Scarlett said...

har har. ;-)

I agree... I mentioned Obama in the fervor because honestly... is anyone that fervent about McCain? I don't think anyone is... or maybe I don't know anyone who is.

I agree... Palin excited me...and I'm hoping she can shine in the debate but I'm not holding my breath. One thing I know is politics is much of the same...and are usually just tools. ;-)