Sunday, September 28, 2008


..for my hubby.

I can't get my left hand wet with the healing finger... so he helped me shower... it was fun too... hehehe

ewwww...I know... gross. I can't help wondering if it's not supposed to be open... like - shouldn't my skin be touching each other?... maybe I need to go see my primary doctor.

and... he bathed our girls...and he helps me with the dishes... all the poopie diapers... I'm grateful.

Tonight when I was telling our oldest that she and her sister have gymnastics tomorrow and then she has preschool, she asked about daddy. He said he had to go to work. She said, "But Daddy - working makes you tired, I don't want you to be tired. I want you to stay home with me."

What a thoughtful little one.



Dalene said...

I'm with you on the shouldn't the two sides be touching each other part.

La Yen said...

Once I grated my knuckle in a cheese grater, and it was BAD, and in a state of shock I just put the skin back on the hole, and put a bandaid on it, and it grew back together. So I think you should have it touch. (Or maybe I am just bionic)

Sorry I made you sick with my story.

Queen Scarlett said...

I'm going this afternoon to my primary dr... and La Yen... glad I read it before I ate... and are you gi jane?