Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yesterday around 4:30 pm I was preparing fruits and veggies for a smoothie for my family. I had gotten all the grapes, strawberries, banana, apple, orange, flax, blueberries, and carrots into the blender... all I had left to do was slice a chunk of cabbage and then add the yogurt and blend, baby, blend.

So as I started to slice the cabbage head in half... it naturally stuck towards the end...and so I was shimmying the knife up when all of a sudden the pad of my ring finger started to register pain.

Instantly I told my girls who were running around the island to move into the family room and I told them I had cut myself. My four year old said, as she demonstrated with her hand, "Mommy, open and close your fingers, open and close". This is what we tell her when she injures herself to assess if she's broken anything.

My two year old said, "Mommy has an owie". I knew I had to put pressure. I'm not good with blood or pain. I called my hubby who was on his way back from a work team building thing in Tahoe...but his battery had died.

So I called my dependable friend Sally and she zipped on over to watch my girls so I could go to urgent care. Luckily, on my way out my hubby came home. So he took me. Turns out instead of stitches they can do this derma bond glue thingy... awesome. I also got a tetnus shot... ow. I am a wimp. I have this nice splint to remind me not to strain or get my wedding finger wet for the next week. I just want to say how grateful I am for all ten fingers.

Yes, when I got home my hubby finished cutting the cabbage for me and we had healthy smoothies. Also... it means I get a little vacation from most diapers...


Dalene said...

Ouch! Milk it for all it's worth, but get better soon nonetheless.

Greek Goddess said...

that's one of my big fears. glad you didn't loose a finger.

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks Dalene.

Greek Goddess - me too...and... my second thought after "put pressure" was - at least it was a stab and not a chopping off.

Amy said...

Criminy! That is one of my worst nightmares-- mommy injured, alone with girls. Here's to speedy healing!!! Or.... not so speedy healing.... I mean, with all the great support you've got ????? ;)