Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Good Daddy is SEXY

HAPPY HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY my... cutie wootie, cuddly wuddly, sexy wexy, hunny bunny... we love you!!!

Here are fifteen... yes 15 reasons why....(15? that's too many bits...)

He loves his family... and knows how to spend time and act silly with them.

His baby daughter loves to confide in him.

His oldest daughter knows he has all the answers.

His wife benefits from his patience, love and humor.

He is strong...and tender

He is faithful...and playful.

His daughters adore him...and run screaming joyfully - "DADDY!!!" when they hear the garage door open.

He creates sweet treats to present to his sweetheart... (mmmm)

He works out in the yard...and collects insects for his girls.

He provides constant entertainment for his girls.

He takes time to spend with his family, gazing up at the heavens...teaching them about the universe.

He creates gifts that he knows will make them happy

He scours temple gardens for a tiny frog...because he can't wait to show it to his girls

He treats his wife like a queen.

He loves good food...and after all this hard work...he deserves his favorite drink... lemonade.

We love you!!!

(even the toes?!)

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Greek Goddess said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day is wonderful. Thanks for being such a good hubby to my dear friend and a wonderful daddy to your cute little girls. You rock!