Sunday, August 16, 2009

The numbers game...

Loved this recent post on Power Line.

Obama's been tossing this 46 million and sometimes 50 million number around about this mass of uninsured that we must insure. Why? Why must we? The article breaks down what this number represents and it comes down to a number closer to 15-10 million uninsured.

A few of my favorite quotes from the article:

Obama knows he needs a big number of "uninsured" to even get in the vicinity of selling what he has in mind to a skeptical public. But the big number he has selected would not get him in the vicinity if the public better understood who it consists of.

One of the purposes of most health care "reform" proposals, stated or unstated, is to force these young people into the system--to force them, that is, to contribute money to pay the medical bills of others, beyond what they already pay in Medicare taxes. Whatever you think of either the justice or the wisdom of such a policy, it is not worth turning our health care system upside down in order to achieve.

And... remember those Canadians... their oft exampled health care system? The Canadian Press reports that the incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association says their system is imploding. The current CMA president finally admits that they need, there is room for private health-care delivery... because the government funded one... stinks.

... things that make me go.... hmmmmmmmmmm

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