Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mix eight adults, a wet, foggy beach, constant clouds, wind, tents, and too many kids 12-18 years old...and watch what happens

On Thursday, July 30-Saturday, August 1, I was at Dillons Beach and Lawson's Landing for three days and two nights roughing it... in cold, misty fog and scary toilets. We had a stalwart group of youth aged 12-18. I was there with tireless youth leaders who are such great examples to me. April our energizer bunny YW Pres who our Bishop was inspired to call. Erin and Lisa (3 mos away from giving birth to her sixth) who provided more than enough food for all the kids and adults...and then some. Amie who brought the camper for the women leaders, literally saved us. Aaron the YM Pres who like April was unstoppable in energy and joy. Rob who could capture attention without a bullhorn and could get down and have fun with the kids.

We listened at the fireside, to my friend Candice share some frank and inspiring words to the youth about following the standards the Lord has set. Her message warmed our hearts and touched our souls. Our Bishop shared stories from his youth and inspired our youth to strive to be good examples.

I survived, given that I'm no camper. Camping to me is work. When I go on vacation I don't want to work. I came home with three small cuts on my left palm from various camping tasks, and four chipped nails in varying array of annoyance... I don't know why I didn't pack a nail clipper. Oh wait... reread the first sentence of this paragraph.

I returned home to find two little girls who missed me. A sexy husband who not only had a brilliantly fun time with our girls, but who replaced a sink disposal, did yard work and kept the house cleaner than when I left.

I returned with a greater appreciation for the simple task of walking a few steps from my bed to my bathroom in the middle of the night. I even ate strawberries that weren't triple washed in salt water... I hear dirt will do me good...

The last day, the sun finally broke through the clouds. We had an amazingly lovely time out at the beach. Despite the cold, the wet and the wind... the youth remained remarkably positive. As did all our leaders. It was a fantastic youth conference. Perhaps the Lord was smiling on us that last day...."well done".


cabesh said...

Not going to lie....I actually laughed really hard at the thought of you camping, but you were a trooper!

I'm entirely jealous--I love youth conference and camp and anything with the YW. And I LIKE to camp. :)

Queen Scarlett said...

Cabesh... hahaha - me and dirt... not such a great mix. It turned out to be rather fun. Although my next suggestion for youth conference is more of a spa vacation... hahaha

Greek Goddess said...

Ok-what in the world are they eating out of the tupperware and what is the green stuff in the pools? Crazy. But looks like the kids had fun.

Queen Scarlett said...

Greek Goddes... do you really want to know? ;-) Mealworms and Anchovies. The squid was for the squid toss.