Friday, August 14, 2009

A thank you love note

So I realized I better post this before my hubby's birthday....

We're both passionate Leos (wink, wink)...and I need to start working on his birthday post stat!

A week before my birthday my beautiful, sassy friend Sally dropped off the most thoughtful surprise. She had made me my own herb garden. She also brought some giant varieties of zucchini and squash grown in her own garden. She also brought me many other treats too... she is one of the most kindred spirits I have met.

Sally and I are a lot alike. We're very reciprocal. She is one of the few friends I have that the friendship never feels one-sided. I don't think I've ever had a friendship quite like that... with someone in real life, by my side. Sally is always thoughtful. We're a funny pair. Whenever she comes up with a great treat to share, I immediately return the favor. When I bake up something ... she immediately finds a way to share something with me. It is one of the first relationships with a friend that I have felt my friendship box overflow faster than I can ever empty. I always feel blessed to have her in my life.

My birthday was on July 26th...a Sunday, so my honey took me out Saturday evening to Hawks restaurant. Loved it. My friend Carrie - my gourmet friend - recommended it. She was spot-on with this recommendation. From the amuse-bouche to the main entree and dessert ... it was everything my senses had been needing.

After the lovely dinner with my sexy companion... we went to see the latest Harry Potter movie. It was... meh.

Sunday morning I woke to find a delicious omelet made by my talented hubby, and a luscious glass of fresh strawberry lemonade. It was so fun to have my girls sing and wrap me in their little arms.

I had calls from my Mom, my adorable sister Jess ...and even a text from a brother.

We even made it to Church on time... my hubby knows that's something I love...being on-time. ;-) At least for my birthday... I was on-time. (haha) As we pulled into the parking lot my sunburst of a friend Kim ran over with a gift for me. She is a light wherever she goes, joyful, thoughtful, ridiculously filled with unstoppable energy. She has five beautiful, lovely, intelligent daughters... I hope to follow her example (not with the quantity...but with the quality). Anyway, she presented me with her family cookbook... I felt so privileged. She knows I love to cook and shared with me precious treats from her family. I felt so lucky to have had her and Sally remember my birthday... two of my in real life friends.

As I get older... I'm not a big fusser of my own birthday. I like to remember birthdays when I can. So it was icing on the cake to have had two of my friends who live in my hood take the time to celebrate with me. They both have had a very special spot in my heart for a long time now.

After Church my hubby and the girls whipped up dark chocolate cupcakes... with a Bavarian cream made from scratch, and the dark chocolate frosting my hubby just made up on the spot. As you can see... it was heavenly... and sinful.

I have to say... my friends far away... who don't live in my hood also made my day. It's so lovely to be in touch over facebook and share life's moments. Their messages were... special treats.

To those who took the time... thank you for making my day such a treat. I feel very, very blessed.

I heart you.

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