Friday, August 21, 2009

Where did the time go?

Here, Avant Garde Gal, is modeling her first day of school outfit. (a la Old Navy) When we go shopping I let her pick out her own clothes. She has quite the fashion sense... something I still don't quite have.

All month she's been coloring in a caterpillar each day, counting down the days until Kindergarten. We've worked on some reading, writing and simple skills like cutting and gluing. The night before school she had a Father's Blessing. Little Dauntless Daughter had one too... in preparation for preschool. And then after our family prayer I told both girls a story about their first day of school. We were excited!

The day of, I think my clock was slow... because we were actually a couple minutes late. Luckily, that didn't matter. Also, my hubby came too - but made it just one minute after AGG entered her classroom. So we all peeked through the glass.

We could tell she was a little shy at first... and wearing my sunglasses I felt tears well-up. But I had to swallow them so that my little one wouldn't think something was wrong. I never really thought this would happen so quickly. I still remember every detail of her birth...I can't believe how I'm thrusting her out into this world... I think I need a safety net.

I will say, I am grateful for such a great school. We have great teachers, beautiful facilities...and solid families. I'm excited for her to enjoy learning. She's inquisitive and quick to catch on. My friend Sally was worried my oldest might get bored...

QS: It's time to go to bed.
AGG: Why?
QS: So you can go to your third day of school tomorrow.
AGG: I don't want to go everyday!
QS: Why not?
AGG: It will get boring!

My oldest has a sweet heart. She is also timid with change. So I worry for her. I hope the other kids include her. I hope they reach out to her. I hope she finds the courage to step out of her comfort zone. I'm afraid she gets that from me... I was painfully shy as a child. I hope my aching while she's away at school is just crazy...and not called for. She is a little ray of joy... and so I hope, I hope she have a marvelous experience. It's hard... letting go.

While my oldest is away at school for half a day... this is what my little one and I have been up to.

We were at Claire's to pick up birthday goodies for my Beehives. So my little one, Dauntless Daughter, picks up these crazy glasses.

DD: Mommy can you take a picture of me?
QS: Of course! *click*
DD: Ok, now your turn.
QS: Oh, I don't need a picture.
DD: Yes, you do. I will take a picture of you.
QS: Ok.
DD: (giggles) - you look silly Mom.

She also loved the Old Navy dog... she prefers dogs that just don't move. We also had lunch. After we dropped off her big sister on Wed we had this conversation.

DD: I'm hungry.
QS: But we just had breakfast!
DD: Yes, but I'm hungry again.
QS: Okay, we'll go home and have something to eat.
DD: No, I want to go somewhere.
QS: Where?
DD: I want to go somewhere to eat food.

I then had to explain we couldn't go out all the time... Daddy works hard for the money. (queue music)

... I don't feel old... and yet, time keeps moving past me. I am not ready for my girls to leave me this quickly. I'm not quite ready to give up the freedom of our initiated schedules for a regimented one. I miss the carefree days of summer...and toddler-hood. I am so grateful that I stay home with my most precious gifts. I can't imagine anything worth giving up that time with them. I really could use a pause button for life, right about now.


Holli said...

It goes so quickly, doesn't it? Can't believe I have a 2nd grader and a kindergartner. You really come to savor weekends, holidays and summertime when they are gone more and more. It is hard to send them out, but it's good for them too. And they know you'll be there to love them when they come home. Craig is already asking, "Why do I have to go to school every day?" I told him that there is lots to learn, and he replies, "They're just teaching me stuff I already know." With him, that's mostly true. But there's more than academics to be learning at school. Hope Kalea enjoys it and has a great year!

Queen Scarlett said...

I need some tips and advice from you on handling all of this... you are a PRO!