Thursday, August 13, 2009

San Diego

We decided to take a quick trip before Avant Garde Gal (AGG) starts Kindergarten, and Dauntless Daughter (DD) starts Preschool. We figured we haven't been to Sea World and the San Diego area - so why not. Also my cousin Ann lives there and it would be fun to catch up with her.

Sunday and Monday
Drive to LA Sun and then San Diego on Mon

Little Italy - Filipi and Extraordinary Desserts

Ann suggested we go eat at Filipi's and it was scrumptious... or maybe we'd been driving for so long. I actually found the pasta I've been looking for ... for years. It's the thin pasta that has curly edges. It's the kind Pasta Pomodoro uses in their Shrimp and Asparagus Malfaldine. I have looked for it for a while and was so excited that Filipi's had them.

After dinner we walked a few blocks in Little Italy to hit Extraordinary Desserts for... wait for it... DESSERT! ;-) We ordered their delish kiwi lemonade... that is my new fav drink. LOVE the kiwi in it. (kiwi, lemon, lime and Italian soda) We also had their dark hot chocolate and two desserts to split... yum.

I love Little Italy... it is simply adorable.

Hotel Pool

So because I felt all jiggly I got up before everyone and hit the gym. When I got back the girls were rousing but Phantom (my hubby) was still exhausted from the drive. So I took the girls down to the pool. Phantom joined us a little was so nice to relax.

San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park

So this is so cool. I mentioned on one of my FB statuses about San Diego and an old friend of mine, Rebecca, from middle school lives in SD. She said she had 2 adult and 1 child tickets to SD's Wild Animal Park... free. Apparently since she and her hubby have passes - these tickets they were given, they couldn't use...and wanted to give them away before they expired. She contacted me and we were able to meet up... the last time I'd seen Rebecca was at my wedding in 2001. It was fun seeing her, briefly - and meeting her daughter Evie and having her say hello to my family. I have to say... had it not been for facebook - this would've never happened. So lucky to be in touch with people from our past.


Coronado Beach

I love this beach. I love this "island". The sand is more in-line with what I am accustomed to... and prefer in Hawaii. None of that nasty driftwood all over the place like in Santa Cruz. I can't stand the beaches in Santa Cruz... it's like your feet are constantly poked with crap.

The sand was perfect... it was flat and the kids could run around, dig... the air and the sound of the waves... I could have spent all four days here. Next time... I am staying in Coronado. I had no idea it would be like this.

Sea World

I wish we could've taken advantage of our 2nd day free at Sea World... we simply did not have enough time, and it didn't help that we didn't get there until close to 2 or 3 pm.

My cousin Ann joined us after 6pm from work. Then we headed to Oceanside to Joe's Crab Shack...because I just wanted seafood. Ann was so nice to oblige since she is a vegetarian.

All-in-all - a fun adventure.
Time to get ready for SCHOOL!

ps... I forgot to add - I LOVE SD's downtown. It's so clean, safe, laid back and filled with charming, and chic eateries, design shops... it's totally my kind of downtown. I love it more than SF and LA...because there's always a bit of fear when I'm in those cities. I (heart) SD... it's just groovin', beach girl style.

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