Saturday, August 29, 2009

In the blink of an eye

Today was a normal day.

I went to cardio and yoga.

Then we had a run-in and disappointment with Stanley Steemer. We told them to go home because they started right off the bat with "I don't guarantee I can get any spots out." Then tried to back-track by saying ... "well, that would be extra". I categorize it all as plain lazy.

My hubby had an errand to run for the upcoming Stake Youth Standards Fireside, and I had some to run for an incoming Beehive we get to kidnap out of Primary on Sunday.

After our errands we went to a local BBQ spot we'd never tried. It was scrump-diddly-upmtious. I love BBQ, pulled pork, BBQ baked beans... mmmm.

On our way home we were blissful.

Then about 0.5 or 0.8 miles from our exit, a small black integra about two, three cars in front of us in the far right lane swerved over to the right towards the drop-off embankment, then sprinted so fast over to the far left lane hitting two SUVs. The second SUV flipped over as the integra then spun out of control back across three lanes into a giant lamp post, which came crashing down in front of us.

I was so shocked I didn't even make a sound.

The integra then dived down the embankment into the field below.

My husband kept our car in control the entire time, while I sat stunned, holding my breath.

Instantly several things happened at once, people streamed out of their cars to help the turned-over SUV driver and the other car. My husband told me to call 911, and quickly went out to see if anyone needed help.

The 911 operator had to tell me to calm down multiple times as I tried to get the information out as fast as possible. I don't know why, but I started feeling emotional... I cry a lot these days.

Soon we saw a young guy (maybe a father) and a little boy, maybe 9-10 yrs climbing out of the embankment from their integra.

Knowing the Firemen were on their way my husband navigated us out of the wreckage. I saw the woman in the toppled, totaled SUV on the side of the road being tended to by passersby... they even had her neck in a brace. There was blood. We said a family prayer and are hoping that everyone is safe.

I can't help but wonder - what happened? Did the guy in the integra over-compensate? Was he not paying attention? (probably) Did a tire blow out?

As we drove away I saw the amount of wreckage strewn across the freeway, and couldn't believe that it only took mere seconds for all of this happen in front of us.

I am so grateful we weren't in this accident. I am so grateful my husband noticed the integra getting squirrely in front of us and backed off the gas. I am so grateful for cell phones that allow us to call for help. I am so grateful for people who see tragedy and jump to aide those in peril.

I am just so grateful my family and I are safe... time to snuggle closer tonight...and remember how in just a blink of an eye how fragile, and fleeting life is.


cabesh said...

So glad you're safe!

About a month ago we watched our Melchezedick Group Leader and his son have an accident right in front of us....on the way home from church. It was scary, and miraculously everyone was fine. Accidents are so unnerving.

Queen Scarlett said...


That is totally scary.

Yeah - it's been crazy here - on the same freeway we've had our Stake Pres and wife get in an accident (where she died) and then just a few days ago my friend Kim's hubby (our 1st counselor in the bishopric) had his car totaled when a woman ran into him and then ran into the car in front of him... it's so unnerving. I'm starting to get nervous to drive. You can't count on the people around you not to lose complete control of their vehicles.

That SUV that flipped - had NO idea the integra was headed towards it ... totally blindsided.

Scares the crap out of me.

b. said...

Sobering, isn't it?

I'm so glad you and your sweet family wasn't directly involved and that you're all safe!

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks b - it was...sobering that is. I need to check local news to see what ended up happening.

Greek Goddess said...

Wow. I hate car accidents. SO scary. have a good week. Love ya!

Holli said...

That is crazy. Glad you are all safe!

Queen Scarlett said...

Greek Goddess - me too... you have a great week too... been thinking about you!!!

Holli - thank you!