Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happiness Post:: Post 29

Sometimes it's easy to forget how good I have it.

When we're out and about, my friends and even strangers make mention to me of how lucky I am that my daughters play well together. That they enjoy being together, doing things together. They really are best friends. I hope they'll be BFFs forever.


Don't get me wrong. They have their moments. But by and large they get along really, really well. My 6YO loves to be in charge. She also has a heart that is unconditional, sensitive and thoughtful. She loves to take care of, create surprises and write love notes to her sister - daily. 

My 4YO loves to play with her big sister. Misses her when she's not around, and is really patient with following what her big sister directs. She also remembers her sister when it's just the two of us running errands. Whenever, she gets a treat, or a balloon, she immediately asks for another for her big sister.

I often receive kind comments from friends who think I make motherhood look easy. I want you to know that that is not my intention at all. (I don't really have an intention - crud, should I have one? I just, you know, throw it out there.) For me, motherhood is not about easy - it's about the joy.

To be clear, motherhood isn't easy. It isn't. Some of us take well to it, some of us don't. There are annoyances, there are short tempers, and I am one of the most hormonal woman you'll meet. So if it seems like it is easy, breezy. Please know, it is not. I make an effort to capture all the many, many joyful, happy, grateful moments. Those are moments that help when the going gets tough. I find that when I focus on the positive, the negative stuff gets forgotten quite easily. It also helps that my memory tends to reset itself every five minutes. What's that again?

I love this picture - after running through the water I made them each have a sandwich. I turned around to find them sitting like this. I snapped about 4-5 pictures before I actually had to get their attention to take the picture below. They chitter, chatter together all the time.

I do believe that each of us can be joyful. We have the choice each day to decide what kind of person we'll be that day... and I try to choose to be cheerful, as long as I've been watered, fed and cared for. Ha!

However, my daughters are the main reason I enjoy motherhood. They came this way. They have their weaknesses, just as I do - but they truly are a joy to learn from, to be around and simply to adore. Honestly, there are times I just sit and stare at them. They are so entertaining. You couldn't pay me all the riches in the world to change my life. This is true happiness.

ps. All pictures taken on my iPhone


Sue said...

How blessed you are. Their friendship is beautiful!


PS. And so are they...

Anjie said...

You are SO lucky your cute girls get along most of the time! There are some days where I have to separate my kids first thing in the morning because of the fighting.
(I came from the Leigh vs. Laundry)

Emily said...

They are so adorable! I hope they stay best friends for a very long time!

Vivian said...

Lucky you! I wish and hope the same for my kids...but all they do is fight :) I have to think to myself "it can't get any worse than this" "It can't get any worse than this" LOL