Thursday, October 2, 2008

An Observation

...maybe a Govt class reminder.

Executive Branch: The executive branch contains the head of government, who is the head of this branch. Under the doctrine of the separation of powers, the executive is not supposed to make laws (role of the legislature), nor to interpret them (role of the judiciary); rather, their purpose is to enforce them.

Legislative Branch: is a type of representative deliberative assembly with the power to create, amend, and ratify laws. The law created by a legislature is called legislation or statutory law. In presidential systems of government, the legislature is considered a power branch which is equal to, and independent of, the executive. In addition to enacting laws, legislatures usually have exclusive authority to raise taxes and adopt the budget and other money bills.

Judicial Branch: is the system of courts which administer justice in the name of the sovereign or state, a mechanism for the resolution of disputes.

Or... as I remember

Executive: Enforces
Legislative: Creates
Judicial: Interprets

So... then... economic woes affecting our country... hmmm... all the finger pointing maybe ought to be facing the other direction, huh?

I was watching tonight's VP debate and was wondering - do most Americans honestly think that the President of the US has that much power? If that were the case that crazy budget would've passed already.

Remind me... which party owns both houses of congress? They make the laws right? So two years ago - why didn't anyone in either of those houses come up with a solution to the Freddie's of the world? Why did this Legislative Branch decide it was wise to give crazy loans through the Freddies' to people who couldn't afford it... owning homes far above their means? Anyone, anyone? Bueller? And... aren't there a few people in this race that serve in that legislative branch of government??


b. said...

I've been thinking that EXACT SAME THING!!

The prez really doesn't have that much power...isn't it whoever owns the house?

Queen Scarlett said...

Thank you!!! Politicians really tick me off... they always wait until something is "crisis" to start jabbering about whose fault it is... um... it's their own friggin' fault... I love the running away from responsibility. UGH.

Holli said...

Every good politician knows - it's NEVER their's ALWAYS someone else's fault!

b. said...

It's so we are stupid or something!

I remember this stuff from Jr High and the Schoolhouse Rock...

Today I am still just a bill