Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bento and Scriptures

Two new things to me... that are making me giddy.

1. I am in love with Bento. I prefer to make my kids a healthy lunch. Dude, if I can avoid feeding my kids mc-trans-crapables... I do.

I found this adorable site on DesignMom. It's a blog titled, "Another Lunch". The tag line includes this "...making food fun with bento!" I already enjoy using shape cutters to make lunch more cute. So this is right up my alley. Lunch making is so much more fun when you throw in creativity.

I have yet to decide on a cute bento box. So for now I'm just using my plastic ware that will fit into my daughter's lunch box.

Day 1:
Heart sandwiches made with cream cheese.
Havarti and cheddar stars and apple shapes
Grapes speared with a frilly toothpick (as Fancy Nancy says, they do taste better on a frilly toothpick)
Turkey speared with a frilly toothpick
Dried mangoes speared with a frilly toothpick
Two little plums from my friend Sally's garden.
Trader Joe's mini-cheese sandwich crackers

Day 2:
Blueberries and blackberries speared on a shortened bamboo skewer.
Star sandwiches with raspberry jam
Turkey and cheddar speared with a frilly toothpick
Trader Joe's mini-cheese sandwich crackers

I send these off with a little post-it note for my daughter. She loves how cute the lunches are. She loves my notes. I find myself looking up at the clock during her lunchtime and wondering how she is enjoying her pretty little meal. In that moment that she's eating ...we are connected. Like a virtual hug.

I love how something as simple as prettying up a lunch can make me so happy.

2. Scriptures 4 Kids
I found this while searching for new educational apps for my first grader. For LDS families, this site is fabulous. I love the four different reading levels for the scripture summaries. I like that they also have music for this year's sacrament program. The testimonies from the little ones are sweet.

With October General Conference on its way (YAY! Happy Dance) I also like the activity pages I can print off of the site itself.

The scriptures4kids folks state that every app you purchase for your iPhone/iPad goes towards the website. They want to keep the website free for everyone. What a fabulous idea.

My girls are already liking this. Which also makes me happy.


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