Sunday, September 19, 2010

ticked off Momma

Many things have been going on.

Avant Garde Gal, my 5YO broke her arm on WED afternoon at the park, after a friend spun the monkey bar wheel she was hanging from. 5YO hates to swing, or go fast... so she wasn't prepared and got scared and dropped. She went in to the ER and they put her under general anesthesia to reset the humorous bone. We then spent two miserable nights in the hospital... where at night we had the most incompetent, negligent nurses. The day nurses were spectacular...and it was literally - night and day.

We are home now. We are exhausted as the nights are hardest for her w/the itching and the, it nigh impossible to get truly comfortable with an arm that's heavier than the rest of her tiny body. It sucks to see her suffer like this... but she is so brave...and tries her best. She is my hero.

I'm also still seething a bit from dealing with the nurses, so anything that I find utterly inefficient, unorganized, or simply poorly planned I will vocalize. Unlike most people who like to pretend things don't bother them, or are too busy worried about their social status to voice real concerns... as I am not, nor ever have been part of the "in" crowd... I don't' give a damn. My philosophy is simply "screw what anyone else thinks. BE real. Be yourself. Stand up for what matters."

Inefficiency, illogical reasoning/actions are a MASSIVE thorn in my side. One of the biggest pet peeves. We should USE our brains. That's why they're in our heads...right?!

This post is my warning to the universe... because...until this slow, steady fire of irritation stops burning... the kick-a first, ask questions later chic is on the case.


Christina Lyon Maughan said...

Thank you for being real.

Somehow we have learned to be "nice" but not to speak up. Too many silent voices cause real problems in society.

Bonnie said...

Hey Steph,

Sorry to hear about the broken arm. I hope she is doing better. Having just spent a week in the hospital with Amanda I am in full agreement and we voiced our opinion about the nurses who helped and those who did not during our stay. Good luck with the recovery. Hope to see you all again soon.

Queen Scarlett said...

Christina - Thanks. And... you are a kindred spirit. ;-)

Bonnie - Thanks... and hope all goes well for you and we see you soon!