Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preschool Days

My little one, Dauntless Daughter (DD), who is almost 4YO, started her second year of preschool this Tuesday. I think school should never start until after labor day. It's just cruel otherwise. So while big sister AGG has been in school for a month, DD and I have gotten the chance to read, put together puzzles, cuddle, clean and run errands. Luckily she only goes to school three days, so I still have a little buddy to hang out with.

She received a father's blessing the night before and was so excited! Of course she warned us. "Momma, I am going to be just a little bit nervous."

She was.

Then, when we went to pick her up - she was her bubbly little self.

DD has some great teachers. They are sisters. They did an in-home visit prior to school, and did a play date for all the kids a week before school started. I love the energy and enthusiasm these lovely ladies have.

Picking up our little sweetheart.

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Mrs. Organic said...

WHat a cutie! It's fun to see them grow up, but geez it's also hard.