Monday, September 27, 2010

One, Two, Three...


Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess named M. She loved to dance, sing, laugh, cook, create, adventure and most of all she loved to play the piano. In fact, the villagers around the castle loved to hear the music the princess would play daily.

Whenever a royal ball was thrown, everyone wanted to attend, knowing that the princess would fill the party with the most magical music their ears would ever hear.

One day, a prince was riding in the woods when he heard the faintest hint of a melody. The prince loved adventures, so he instantly took up the chase to find out where the music was coming from. As he followed his ears he came upon an adorable little kingdom. He could tell the music was coming from the top-most tower of the castle in that kingdom. The closer he came to the music the more his heart raced. He had to know who or what was keeping his soul soaring.

He decided that he had to climb up the tower and go right in. He had no time for royal pleasantries that took hours upon hours. He reached the window and hesitated. He slowly peeked into the room and gasped. There sat the most radiant, most exquisite princess he had ever seen. She was the one creating the music that kept him mesmerized. There was only one thing to do. He leaped into the room with a flourish, bent low to bow when...

"GUARDS!" screamed the beautiful princess.
"No no no!!! Your highness, I didn't mean to startle you. You have captured me with your music and now, your beauty."
Princess M didn't know what to say. So she just cast her eyes down and blushed.
The guards burst in about to attack the prince when Princess M stopped them.
"Wait! It's alright, I was startled and he just wanted to hear the music, thank you for coming so quickly."
Princess M turned back to the prince from the guards and took a breath sharply in as the prince was suddenly right next to her. She giggled nervously.
The prince took her hand and said urgently, you are the one I've been looking for. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and your music, your music demands that I listen. I must ask you this. May I give you a kiss? Will you be my princess?
Princess M smiled shyly as she looked up into the prince's eyes and said, yes.

My dear Dauntless Daughter... this is your favorite made up, story I've told you. I figured I should write it down so we at least have a record of the bare bones. You giggle, and smile at the same parts every time I tell it to you. I better record what parts you giggle at. The part about how beautiful the music is when the princess plays it, the part where the prince sees the princess for the first time, the part where the prince is right next to the princess and... of course, the kiss. In fact tonight I told a different part of the story... and you told me, "mommy I like the kissing story." You make me smile my dear.

The other day you even asked me, "who's the prince?" I told you I didn't know. You told me it was your friend T. You are my little romantic... and you have only just turned four! Oh my!

It's hard to put into words everything I feel about you. You are my cuddle bug - so all of my feelings about you are so much easier shared when I hold you. I love koala hugs. I love seeing you walk around sucking your thumb and twirling your bibi. I know, and you know that when you see me and you're doing those two things that I'll instantly open my arms and you will climb in. Please don't grow up. What will my arms and lap do when you grow too big for me?

You have always been my very observant daughter. You know exactly how to get what you want or need. You know I'm a lot easier than Daddy to your wiles. You also know just when to soften Daddy up with your sweetness... timing, you have it down. That goes for your humor. You have it ... and you always makes me laugh.

Lately you've been changing words ... you've "cuteified" them. For example, kickety kick ball, chipety chips, poppity popcorn, cheesy cheese, treaty treats, frenchy french toast, hoppity hop-scotch, clothesy clothes ...

You're only in three day preschool so we have a lot of time together. When we're together I love that you enjoy reading books together, cuddling, cooking, playing pretend, kicking/throwing balls, or your favorite, jumping on the trampoline.

Your mind is incredibly quick. You seem to figure out how things work easily, and enjoy it. You love puzzles, even if it's still me putting them together with you. I love seeing you draw pictures and write your own name. I am thrilled as I hear you rhyme and enjoy words.

You love playing on the computer at Starfall Kids. You enjoy all the fun educational material they have. I love that you want to learn. It is fascinating to see you use the computer so easily. It shouldn't surprise me as you've been playing with my iPhone since... I can't remember when.

You really are my little helper... anytime I start to cook I hear you run over and say, "can I help you cook/bake?" It makes me so happy. You are like me in many ways. There are moments we like to be by ourselves and be quiet. Sometimes I find you in the toy room in front of your doll house playing, talking for your little toys. I eavesdrop, so as not to disturb you. I've learned that when you are singing, make believing or playing on the piano, whenever we focus our attention on you, you get a little embarrassed... you prefer to have us pretend not to notice, or not notice at all....

I love what good buddies you and your sister are. You defend each other. You share, and you think of each other when you get a balloon, or a treat... or a toy. You both also need space from each other, just like grown ups do. It's fun to see how after you've both been at school, sometimes you'll just sit on a bed together and play pretend, or sing to each other. How did I get this lucky?

You are our little one. you were only 18 inches when you were born. Everyone comments on your cute littleness... for my sake, I hope the littleness sticks around a bit longer.

You do have a strong streak. If you don't get your way, you will throw a royal fit. It's usually quite entertaining. This tiny person, trying to enforce her will on me... me? Dude, I'm the boss. You come from a long line of strong, immovable women, so one day this quality will serve you well - for now... ease up... and like I always ask you... "have you ever gotten anything by having a fit?" I love that as soon as you've worked it out of your system... you generally just want to sit and cuddle. This is why I haven't lost much of that weight I gained carrying you for nine months. We do cuddle a lot.

I had a really bad migraine the day before your big party, and the day of your big sister's birthday. I felt so bad that I had to hide in the walk-in-closet to get away from the light. You stayed with me, and then left to play by yourself in your toy room. You were so patient, and you took care of me with your hugs. The next day when we were cuddling, I said, "I love cuddling with you." and you said, "Even when I keep you awake at night and you get bad headaches?" Remember what I told you? I said... "I will love you always, no matter what, forever, just as you are." I would rather cuddle with you and have headaches ...if that would mean we could be cuddle buddies.

I love how you insist, and talk about often, that one day we will be neighbors. That we'll just run in and out of each others' home all day long. I love when you talk about how your babies will have delicious cheeks like yours and that you'll let me kiss them. I love that you tell me that the things I do for you as a mom, you plan to do for your babies. I love that you want to be a mommy.

I hope this year brings you fun and excitement before you begin kindergarten next year. I hope that we have many many moments together before then. I hope I have the nerve to come up with more kissing stories for you, before daddy puts a kibosh on them. I hope you know how much your sister needs you, needs your companionship and love, and how lucky you two are to have each other. I hope you know that Daddy and Mommy are your biggest fans. That we will do anything ... to help you make your dreams come true. I'm your Momma bear... and I will fight for you in any arena. I love you so much sometimes it hurts...but in a good way.

You are my tough little cookie, my stubborn, mischievous, confident, don't mess with me little girl.

We are grateful to have you in our family.

And just so you know...

I will fight off princes for you...

Until the worthy one wins your hand.

Yo. Momma's got your back.

I love you my little one.


ps. What fun adventures should we do today?

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