Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sweet Dreams Bed Crasher

For the last two weeks or so my little one, Dauntless Daughter (3 almost 4YO) has been creeping into our room in the wee AM hours of the morning and standing next to my side of the bed. I always wake with a start, groggily, and simply pick her up, while I am still laying comatose, and swing her onto our bed.

This darling DD of mine is a wiggler. She is always in constant motion when falling asleep. She is also the lightest sleeper of my girls. DD prefers to have a limb or her entire body attached to either me or my husband while sleeping. Needless to say, we haven't been getting our REM each night. Last night my husband had a sweet little conversation with the little bed crasher.

Phantom: Why do you come in our bed?

DD: Because I have bad dreams in my bed.

Phantom: You have bad dreams every night?

DD: In your bed I have beautiful dreams.

this picture was taken when she was waiting to use the computer to play on Starfall. She was waiting for me to finish FB/Tweeting/checking email. She loves her sleep.

Sweet dreams little bed crasher.

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