Friday, September 24, 2010

One, Two, Three, Four, Five...


My dear Avant Garde Gal. Happy, Happy SIX YEARS!

I totally didn't expect us to celebrate with your first (I hope last) broken limb. If I could've taken it all from you, then place it all on me, I would have done it without hesitation, and gratefully. One day, when you have your own adorable babies (which I will slather with kisses) you will discover how it kills you to see your child suffer.

That quote about how having kids is having your heart walk around outside your body is perfectly accurate in every way. I love you so fiercely.

You have grown up so much. It amazes me to see that your legs keep going and going. You are built like me... except a better version. We have more legs than torso.

My dear, you have always been my little lady. You love to please, laugh, comfort and discover. You are able to absorb knowledge quickly and thoroughly. You have a memory like a pachyderm. You do however have my trait of getting easily frustrated and losing patience quickly. (it's hard when you're a perfectionist) You expect a lot of yourself, and of others. I get that. I totally get that.

One of the things that always makes me smile, is how captivated you are in the moments. Everything is fascinating, cute, special, adorable, or an "aw" moment. It is so fun surprising you with creative meals, projects, adventures because you so thoroughly appreciate them. You have helped me stretch creatively as a woman, more than you know. I love to please you.

You care deeply about others and how they feel. You're learning to overcome caring what they think about you, and guiding your actions based on those thoughts. I have a good news for you - you can overcome that - I did.

You are a prolific author and illustrator. I can't keep track of how many books you've created...and many, so many that rhyme and have rhythm. Your artistic abilities you get from your Daddy. To see your ability to draw, freehand, from your imagination is astounding. You are a priceless gem.

I'll never forget when you asked me about the crucifixion. I started explaining the events, the story, and when I looked up I saw you with tears falling from your beautiful brown eyes. You feel deeply, you love with all your heart and your precious soul is open to the world.

I hope this year you do get to learn what you wrote for back to school night, "this year I want to learn science and magic." I hope that when you discover you are smarter than Mommy and Daddy combined... that you'll be okay with that...I hope that you continue to dream big. I hope that you remember who you are. I hope you know how much God loves and adores you. I hope you know your sister looks up to you and prefers your playful company. I hope you know we, as your parents love you always and forever, just as you are. I hope you know how very unique, special and spectacular you are.

We are grateful you are in our family.

And just so you know...
I would slay dragons for you.

I love you my darling.


ps. I'm off to make your favorite chocolate chip cookies for class... and then get ready... gigantic party ahead.


glittersmama said...


The last picture is my favorite.

Tiffany said...

that is such a beautiful ode. what a priceless tribute to your amazing daughter, who gets a lot of that amazing from her mama. =)

Queen Scarlett said...

glittersmama - Thanks... me too. ;-)

Tiffany - Thank you! You are too kind.