Thursday, September 2, 2010

Explanations Bad to Worse

Today on the car ride home from picking up my hubby, Phantom, from work with the girls in tow, my husband and I were commenting on how healthy and lean his co-worker looked, who had had a surgery due to cancer. My Avant Garde Gal (AGG) who is nearly 6YO picked up on the world surgery.

AGG: What's surgery?

Phantom: It's where a doctor cuts you open to remove something inside your body, or fixes it.

AGG: Ew. I don't want to have that. That will hurt.

Phantom: But they give you medication so that it won't hurt. Although you'll be sore after.

AGG: I don't want to have 10 kids and have them cut me like Mom.

QS: Sweetie, not everyone has to have a c-section. You might get lucky and have your baby naturally.

AGG: What does that mean?

QS: That means instead of the doctor cutting your belly open, the baby will come out of your vagina.

AGG: THAT IS SO GROSS! It will stretch out my privates. It will hurt. I AM NOT HAVING ANY BABIES!


Kalli Ko said...

I'm glad you shot straight with her. Vaginas man, we've all got 'em (well you know, all the females) and they're not just for show.

I've been giving mine a pep talk, like "PREPAWE FOR THE GRWEAT STWETCH OF DEWIVERY) just like in Baby Mama.

I think it's working.

Queen Scarlett said...

You make me laugh.

Both girls have seen their birth videos... both were c-sections. Although number one was a 24 hour labor and then emergency c-sec. ;-) Good thing they are SO worth it.