Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camping Buddy

My hubby, Phantom and my girls' first ever Daddy/Daughter camp out was a thrilling success. The girls can't wait to go out again, and I actually want to go with them.

My oldest, Avant Garde Gal (AGG) ate a lot of hot tamales, and found an amphibious friend, she named Buddy. Apparently they'd catch him, let him go and he'd swim right back to her. She has a tender hear for all creatures and fell in love with Buddy.

AGG: Buddy wants me to go and see his family.
Phantom: But we can't. You're not an amphibian like the frog.
AGG: I wish I was.

My youngest, Dauntless Daughter (DD) enjoyed lollipops, and threw rocks into the lake. She didn't want to come home.

DD: I want to stay for three days, and when it's four days, this finger, then we go home.
Phantom: Won't you miss Momma if we stay three days?
DD: No.

We are grateful to our friend and home teacher, Judgment for inviting us to the camp out. He and his darling wife Cam have adorable girls, and a rollicking sense of humor. (I like!)

My favorite part of camping is sleeping in the tent.

My favorite thing of camping is the spicy hot tamales.

There was also a sighting of Big Foot caught on video.
Unfortunately blogger is acting up and I can't figure out how to get it to load a video that doesn't read out error. Once I figure it out ...I'll post it.

Phantom had an exhausting great time..."now I know why I loved camping as a kid, the parents did all the work."

Seeing their fun only confirmed... it's time to go out into the wilderness and get dirty. (how dirty do I have to get? I need flushing facilities...and my wet wipes and .... heheheh)

ps. In case you were wondering what I did - my friend P and I hit the new Italian restaurant and then Borders book store... it was a fabulously relaxing evening. Then I returned home, bolted the door, locked the bedroom door, talked to my hubby and girls, stayed up late and nervously went to sleep. (I am like Anne of Green Gables, I have a terrifying imagination, and am a fraidy cat to boot) I didn't leave my locked bedroom until about 20 min prior to their return home. Their homecoming... anticipated and so sweet.

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