Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm attending Time Out for Women Infinite Hope tour.

I love these Friday and Saturday spiritual cram highs. This is my third year attending... and I love it. It rejuvenates me. It beckons me to change and do better.

Friday night - phenomenal. We were moved by the magical hands of Jenny Oaks Baker as she expertly manipulated the violin. I was inspired and touched by the joy and sincerity of Ardeth Kapp. We laughed and committed to change with John Bytheway.

I love good people. Good people inspire me. Good people seek change, hope and continue to look up.

There's so much I have learned and am learning. I'm busily tweeting it all and writing down notes, scripture references, and quotes I will need to look up.

I'm most grateful to my husband. He made my home shine, so that when I walked through the door this evening, I felt like I was walking into a sparkling palace. He is also the kind of man who encourages me and let's me fly. I am so lucky to have a hero like him. Some women are attracted to power, authority, position. I'm turned on by a man who cleans, a man who is tender with his daughters, a man who loves me just the way I am. Dang... my man is whoo-whee! HOT!


At the very start of the conference last night they asked us to write down a list of what we hoped for. My list is growing...

What do you hope for? Go write it down... because hope is priceless.

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