Friday, September 10, 2010

Curls, Cake Pops and More Bento

Happy Friday!!!
Here are things that are making me smile...

Curls brought to you by those old-school sponge curlers.

AGG has less thick hair ...that's a bit less thick than mine. My hair holds curl like Medusa. So AGG is lucky in that respect. Her curls will last a couple days.

DD has fine hair. Not quite as fine and thin as her father's, but much more fine than AGG. So her hair... usually as soon as I use a curling iron the curls fall right out. Luckily the sponge curlers help them last a couple hours.


So I happened to have to volunteer at AGG's school for their art program, and needed a kind, and trusted friend to watch DD. I figured, I was already making one bento-styled lunch, I would make another one for DD to share with my friend's daughter.

This lunch included a pumpkin and moon raspberry sandwiches, hot dogs, apples, cheese, blackberries, blueberries, grapes and a plum. I also included a few crackers from Trader Joe's.

I bought these Ziploc boxes in a bulk pack with other sizes of plastic ware from Costco. Cool. (ps. I HEART COSTCO)

This bento-styled lunch I was so excited about... it has a hand and foot cut out sandwich. The sandwiches were strawberry cream cheese with sliced strawberries, four slices of turkey and blueberries and grapes. When AGG returned home, she had one bite out of a sandwich, and eaten only the turkey. I think she's getting bored.


I am currently on a Scarlett's Sweets - cake pop spree. I am in love with them. They are going to be my signature gift for the rest of this year. I'm doing them for gatherings, birthdays, parties, and Christmas. For those that live near me... you are warned... the cake pop storm is gathering. Below is my second batch, which turned out a lot better than my first. My first batch was WAY too sweet.

I've been following the fabulous blog Bakerella for a few years now, and she's coming out with her first book! I have been meaning to try cake pops, but just had been totally obsessed with cupcakes for the last year or so... now I'm totally on board.

They take time, but are simple and so much fun to make.

ps. AND tonight... tonight I get to go to TOFW and my lovely friend the Greek Goddess flew up from LA and is going to hang with me this whole weekend! YAHOOOOO!!!!

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Holli said...

I love Bakerella. I made cake pops for my YW when they were out of school for the summer...bright yellow with a happy face. The YM caught sight of them and I now have to YM that will babysit for cake pops instead of money. NICE! They freeze well before dipped, so I just make up a batch and freeze them then dip a bunch when we need a sitter. LOVE IT!