Monday, November 1, 2010

All Hallows

Do you like their self-created Halloween decor on the door? Also last year's Christmas wreaths they made... they've been up all year.

We have Church late. 2-5pm. Blurg. Only one time have I had as horrible a time slot... that was freshman year at BYU... I think it's was 2:30pm. We are occasionally still late. You know, because we are awesome.

The girls were decked out in orange to celebrate Halloween. Me and hubby minus kids, wouldn't give a rat's-A about Halloween. Add kids into our lives, and all of a sudden I'm into it.

Here's some of our decor...

This hockey player who has left me for the World Series, did pause the game to take his girls trick-or-treating. Please let the Giants win the series tonight, just so I can have my man back.

My darling Alice in Wonderland requested I wear my Mrs. Potts costume I purchased back in '05 or '06... 20 bucks well spent.

The trick-or-treating kids loved me as Potts, and "oohed" and "ahhed"... and said "lucky!" and "you are the best mom ever" when they caught a glimpse of the trampoline in our living room. Kids are so easy to please. FYI, it was the teens/middle aged kids that loved the tramp! I am keeping that thing... until they leave for college.

My friend Sally got us the Mad Hatter cut out for the girls' birthday party...and he works well for Halloween too. Freaked a few kids out... which is the point of the silly celebration anyway.

See ya next year!


draeves said...

Your girls are so beautiful. I've been admiring their Halloween pictures.

Greek Goddess said...

Love your costume.
The MAD H. would've freaked me out, too. Still haven't seen the movie cause the sight of him freaks me out already! :) (I'm overly sensitive that way...)
Glad you guys had a happy halloween!

Queen Scarlett said...

draeves - thank you mi amiga!

greek goddess- thanks! It's been worn over and over and over. ;-) My girls loved the movie... I love the fascinating colors, and creative design. It's really quite fun.