Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happiness Post:: Post 6

I don't buy flowers. I'm too practical for them. I loathe buying something that has no real purpose, and in this case, on the fast track toward death...ETA TBD.

So when I was at Costco with my precocious 4YO she begged for flowers. I caved. I caved because I love to see how excited my girls become. I love how they appreciate such simple things. I love seeing the world through their eyes. They make me happy.

Those flowers sat on our kitchen table for more than a week. The girls loved them.

To be honest... this color just made my heart skip every time I saw them.



cabesh said...

I'm the same....I love flowers but can't stomach the cost. My boys, however, will ask for them whenever we go shopping. "You need flowers mommie. They're so beautiful. They're for you! Please?"

My mom always says that, to her, being rich is being able to afford fresh-cut flowers in your home every day.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like flowers in fall. Love the color :)

Sue said...

I used to feel guilty buying flowers, but now I do it sometimes. There is just nothing like seeing fresh flowers on your table.


Greek Goddess said...

They do look beautiful. I feel the same about buying cut flowers, but think of it like food. It's hard for me to spend money on expensive food, but you love, savor and enjoy every bite. The food doesn't last (although it has nutritional value) and the flowers don't last, but they have soul-nutritional value! Enjoy!

Carrie B said...

I love that color and that kind because they do last for a long time!

soybeanlover said...

Those make me happy just looking at them. Thanks for sharing

Queen Scarlett said...

cabesh - what sweet boys! If I had bucket-wads of money... I don't think I'd spend them on flowers either... food trips... I'd spend them on trips to eat food.

myfallingleaves - I adore fall colors!

Sue - It is special.

Greek Goddess - I have food on my body from years ago... I store it all in my bottom half. ;-)

Carrie B - They do... I was so surprised.

soybeanlover - thanks for commenting, beautiful, preggers momma!

Queen Scarlett said...

ps. I purchased hydrangeas and iris' from Trader Joe's to give to my friends for birthdays... the flowers died the next day. TJ's let me down! I feel like I just lit up my cash with a match and watched it whither away into ash. ;-)

Kelly said...

Hi! I love fresh flowers! I'm a sucker for them even with their short life expectancy. I just found your profile on mormon dot org and think you're awesome. I live in Taiwan and loved hearing your story. How exciting that your grandma was one of the early members here. Congratulations on the dog. You're a brave one!

Queen Scarlett said...

How very cool! Do you blog Kelly? Love to read your adventures in TW! ;-)