Wednesday, November 24, 2010


On Thursday, Nov 4 my 6YO and I received last minute, free screening tickets for Disney's Tangled.

We were thrilled.

Dude. FREE tickets to a movie. So there.

The previews looked like the movie might be adorable. Of course, I was hoping for more Disney fare similar to the gorgeous art they created for The Princess and the Frog. I loved that movie... such a great throwback to great animated movie making. Tangled looked too polished, too smooth... I figured it might be cute...and that would be it.

It was cute. But... it was also so much more.

We just had no idea how exciting, how much we'd laugh, and how moved to tears (happy and sad), we would be...simply from an animated movie.

Of course my 4YO wept bitter tears of being left behind. Luckily, she has a gallant father who knew exactly how to keep her occupied, entertained, and feeling special. She however, has not forgotten that night. At least a few times in the last two weeks she has reminded me that she needs to see Tangled with just Daddy. Her wish, as always, will be granted.

As for the movie. My 6YO and myself, can't wait to see it again. I enjoyed having the chance to go out with my 6YO and spend time with just her. I loved how we giggled at the same spots and cried at the same moments together.

When you go see the movie, and I hope you do, you will love the charismatic chameleon, Pascal, and the harrumphing horse, Maximus. As a parent... you really do feel the anguish of the King and Queen... I love when animated movies can entertain and move me.

Tangled opens today. Go watch it and let it whet your Thanksgiving appetite.


ps. I was not paid, nor asked to provide a favorable review, or review period. I just really, really enjoyed this movie.

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