Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get in my Belly!

That title was a request for the food Ina Garten makes...not Ina herself... although I'd love to hang out with her. It's a dream, wish, fantasy of mine. She's one of my favorite celebrities.

I have nearly all her cookbooks. I have Back to Basics, Parties, Family Style, and At Home. Now I get to explore her newest How Easy is That? I love these cookbooks for a variety of reasons; pictures, beautiful pictures of what your meal should look like. I love the commentary of how to share food better. I love that every recipe makes me seem like a fabulous cook. I love how the love, devotion she has to her husband, Jeffrey comes through in every page.

The first recipe I tried out was the Weeknight Bolognese.

It was hearty and perfect for a chilly night in the Fall. It was so simple, satisfying and savory. This is one dish we'll be adding in more often to our dinners. My hubby, my girls... we gobbled it up. Next day leftovers gave us something delicious to anticipate.

The second recipe I tried was Tuna and Hummus Sandwiches.

I've always loved hummus, but for some reason never thought to make it myself. Garten includes the Hummus recipe ... this was delicious. I love that with every recipe from Garten, my entire family sits down, and enjoys the food. So tasty.

The third recipe I made was Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs.
I forgot to take pictures, so I'll have to make them again, just to take a pictures... oh darn. I love deviled eggs...and smoked salmon, and ... yeah... I ate more eggs than I probably should've in one sitting.

I hear a lot of people say they don't know how to cook.

I don't believe it.

I didn't really start going crazy with food until maybe four years ago.

My philosophy about cooking/baking is simple. If you can read, follow directions... you can cook. Anyone can - you just have to want to. That's true about most things in life. You have to want it.

For me, cooking and baking is like yoga. In yoga everything melts away as I focus on my breathing. My mind is able to clear out all the worries, the stress, the non-essentials. With cooking and baking, there is order. There's such peace in measuring, mixing, completing... it centers me and makes me happy.

Of course... the journey of creating a meal to share is fulfilling... but the icing on top is sharing it with people you love, and seeing them enjoy your creation.

I'm not being paid to endorse Ina Garten... I endorse her because I have been cooking out of her books for years now...and I think I always will.

Bon Appetit!


cabesh said...

I've never tried any of her recipes.....I should.

I'm with you. I never understand when people are impressed with my dishes--it's just cooking (or baking). Anyone can follow a recipe.

Mrs. Organic said...

I was given one of her cookbooks two years ago and everything I've tried from it has been delicious.

Greek Goddess said...

Mmmmm, and I'm the lucky recipient of you cooking out of her cookbook. Brings back memories from my fab weekend at your home. Thanks again!