Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Governments should be afraid of their People

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A couple nights ago I watched V for Vendetta with my husband.

It was...interesting.
I enjoyed the dialogue and the plentiful alliteration...which just appeals to me. Words are fun.

My favorite quote from the movie goes something like:

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

I totally agree. It is also ... perhaps not a coincidence that we are dealing with the very annals of government moronic, inefficient, multi-layered bureaucracy which doesn't know what the other hand is doing.

We had to pay a HUMONGOUS wad of dough for our taxes this year... it was insane. It was not easy. It physically hurt. But we paid. And the check cleared from our account, way back in April.

The IRS started mailing us letters in October to say we had not paid our taxes. Due to their records, they would also be adding additional fees. Fortunately for us... we have records that show that indeed we did pay, on-time, and that they cleared the damn check.

My husband has had to spend precious time dealing with the morons that are the tax board to figure their own administrative problems out. We did our end of it. We paid our bill. The check cleared. It was stamped and noted with their own codes.

BUT... our exalted government is making it our problem - we have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we did indeed pay it, even though they can't figure out where it is, or what codes they used... so they continue to waste precious tax dollars trying to find money, that's already been sitting or wasted in their gov't coffers.

According to conversations my husband has had with the people in this call-center... which are all locating money they can't locate. 50% of the money that comes in... the gov't can't locate... so they spend tax dollars (via phone, mail, manpower) trying to find the tax dollars... is this funny yet? I think my head is going to explode from the sheer lunacy of it all...

Just let me repeat that so I can see it again... the government is spending our tax dollars, to try and find our tax dollars.....

*queue insane, unstoppable crazy laughter*

Does this strike anyone as completely, utterly inane? Imbecilic? Idiotic...

In the midst of this constant back-and-forth with the IRS I received certified mail for my husband and myself, from the tax morons to state that if we don't pay the inflated tax money they can't locate, we'll start having levies against our income...etc...



It is SAD that as citizens we have to FEAR our gov't and their lackeys and inefficient excuses for departments... it really ought to be the other way around.

We are responsible, we paid our taxes. We paid them on-time.


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Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.
- V to Mr. Creedy

My father was a writer. You would've liked him. He used to say that artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.
- Evey to V

ps... and there are people who want more of this kind of government???! Insanity!


The Atomic Mom said...

I'm sorry you're having tax troubles. The IRS is inept, insane and totally useless. I'd so go for a flat tax in this country -- 10% for all, no execptions, no problem.

So, V for Vendetta...I've always been intrigued by this film, but avoided becuase of the rating. Why is it rated R? Language, violence?

Queen Scarlett said...

Atomic - It's so crazy to me that they are spending tax dollars to find them...and then bothering me with their inept-ness. ;-)

As for V - I didn't realize it was rated r - I think there is some language... and as for violence, I tend matter what the movie, cover my eyes/look away when there is violence. So there you go. ;-)