Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pros and Cons


This Friday will be two weeks since we got Hailey, the dog.

We've had some surprises.

1. 6YO who I got the dog for... is fairly ambivalent.
2. 4YO who I thought would be ambivalent - is all over Hailey...all the time...poor dog.
3. Hubby who wanted nothing to do with Hailey...is the nicest and most willing to cuddle and touch her animal-ness... and Hailey is terrified of him.
4. I spend a lot of my time washing my hands... so now they are cracked... and dry. She follows me around everywhere... just me. All the time. Sometimes I run really fast so she can't find me so I can have some blessed time alone.

1. Cute
2. Quiet
3. Low-maintenance
4. Small
5. Trained
6. 4YO loves her
7. Sleeps a lot
8. Loves to cuddle

1. She's a dog, not a baby.
2. Follows me around everywhere... also resulting in guilt on my part for not showering her with more attention.
3. No one to dog sit when we need to get going places. I don't trust kennels... read really bad reviews. So am now paranoid. Also... don't want to spend the cash on them.
4. Doggy breath.
5. 6YO is uninterested... probably because the dog is only interested in me.
6. Dog germs vs. human germs - I know it's all in my head... but my head is attached to my body.
7. Poop scooping duty.
8. Hubby is non-committal due to her consistent fear of him, no matter how nice he is to her.
9. 4YO so desperately wants to play with her and the dog so desperately wants to escape to me.
10. She's not a baby. I think I just want a baby...in the future. Relax everyone. (yep, there goes my husband, running away to hide his sperm from my baby-craving womb)


Greek Goddess said...

Well, I'll support you either way (because it's your home, and your life!) but despite all the cuteness, all the cons you mentioned and other ones I have are reasons I'll never get a dog, despite R's pleadings. Remember the night I thought we had inherited fleas from that visiting dog? Well, that was just solid proof that me, myself and I could never handle it. Not to mention the smells, the hair, the poop, the licks...oh, I'm just not a dog person. But we oooh and aah over other people's dogs and I let my kids enjoy other people's dogs and that works great for us. But if you keep her, kudos to you. You are doing something that would put me over the edge! Good luck with your decision. I'm sure most people won't share my opinion, but that's what it is: simply my opinion. Love ya!

Mrs. Organic said...

The dog we have right now is our last. Of course, I always say that.

Allergies and poop-reasons enough right there. I mean how do people ever own Great Danes? How? I cannot even begin to imagine cleaning up after one.

soybeanlover said...

Just hurry up and get pregnant already, will you? ;)