Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

This is what our weekend looked like...

Hailey and my 4YO, Dauntless Daughter - she just wants to be wherever Hailey is and made her own bed of pillows and blankets.

Friday we surprised my 6YO, Avant Garde Gal (AGG) at school pick-up with Hailey.

The giant green beanbag is from my friend Bek's home. A little remembrance.

AGG: Mom!
QS: This is the surprise!
AGG: Wow. But aren't you allergic?
QS: Well, she doesn't shed so I should be okay.
AGG: This is the most awesome-est surprise ever!!!

My girls love Hailey...

Remember my 4YO, Dauntless Daughter (DD) who is afraid of all creatures? She took to Hailey like you wouldn't believe. Petting her, following her around, pretending to be a puppy. She's also been putting her cheek up to Hailey asking her to lick her.

Dauntless Daughter and Hailey are so similar. They both ignore me and follow me around everywhere.

DD: I've never licked a dog before.
QS: Why are you saying that?
DD: Because, I think I want to lick Hailey.
QS: Please don't.

My sweet girls...

So far Hailey is not a huge fan of my husband. He isn't a huge fan of her either - because she's treating him the way both our girls did when they were first born. They all prefer me over him. So he's feeling, left out.

It didn't help that on Sunday, while I took the girls to Church - he stayed home with a headache... Hailey peed on our carpet and then immediately left two consecutive poops in two locations. Mind you, this all happened without her barking once to be let out, and in defiance of my hubby running after her shouting... NO HAILEY NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Course, us girls weren't there... and when we got home from Church - we found a crated Hailey with her tail between her legs and a very grumpy Daddy. hehehehe

My girls keep asking, "Why does Hailey love Mom the best?" Apparently, Hailey is hard-wired to like the boss woman. I am the boss woman in this house. She cracks me up, and I feel oddly peaceful around her.

This weekend also included... writing/drawing on the whiteboard while wearing appropriate headgear.

This last picture is especially for the grandparents who purchased the matching dresses and cool hair doo-dads. They look exhausted...because it's after Church.

Happy Happy Monday!

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