Monday, November 29, 2010

Goodbye Hailey *Sparkle*

So our two week trial was up this past Friday.

We returned Hailey to my friend Bek's home near the city by the bay... on Sunday.

Naturally, if we are heading into the Bay Area... home to delectable Chinese cuisine... we had to stop for lunch and devour Dim Sum. Naturally. We noshed. It was tasty. I had a tiny leftover box of two dim sum bites left. I heated it up today for a mid-morning snack, and my 4YO who loves dim sum... confiscated it. Which just made me happy that she has good taste.

Hailey peed/pooped one too many times in the house, right in front of my hubby.

Of all of us, he's the one more accustomed to pets. No matter how many delicious slices of steak, ham, bacon, turkey he'd feed Hailey... she still shook, cowered and hung her tail between her legs when it came to him.

It was pretty clear she has had some issues in the past. Unfortunately, my 6YO didn't really get into having a dog. However, happily my 4YO is no longer afraid of dogs. Instead, she couldn't get enough of Hailey. Also, with Hailey's age... she didn't play as much... but preferred to follow me everywhere... it was very sweet.

We learned we're not quite ready for a dog. It was a great two weeks learning how to care for one...and seeing how we would be if we had one. Also, the girls, aren't broken up over returning Hailey... they weren't thrilled with the pee and poop in the house either.

Hailey is happily back home... wherever she goes from there, we hope the best for her.

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