Friday, November 12, 2010

It's another.... GIRL!!!

Girls... it's how we roll here.

Meet Hailey.

She hails from my lovely, accomplished, brilliant friend Bek's home. Hubby and I kept the secret from our girls. We are so proud of ourselves for not spilling the beans.

QS and Bek

We are trying Hailey out for two weeks... I hope it works out so we can keep her.

I never grew up with pets. Goldfish do not count. Mostly because if you forget to, or over-feed them... it doesn't really feel that bad.

This is new.

I've always thought we might get a dog. I thought that because of my oldest, my 6YO. She has the most tender, most sensitive, most loving heart you can find. For her, I feel like a dog would help fill up that giant heart of hers.

I've looked at dog pictures before... and never felt right.

My friend Bek posted a picture of Hailey on her FB page and I felt it. It felt like she belonged with us. Is that weird? To feel that about a pet? here we are. A 6YO who will kiss any moving animal...and even dead birds (that was gross)...and a 4YO who has an intense mistrust of any and all small creatures...and big creatures...and the dark...and being on the edge of a bed.

My hubby is incredibly outnumbered by women... and he'll probably have to clean up the poop too. Me... bit of a germ-a-phobe who only likes slobber from my own kids.

... I'm hopeful. I'm more than hopeful... I'm tickled with joy.

For you pet owners... feel free to send in all your free advice, experience, etc...


cabesh said...

I was right--it is another baby! She's darling. I hope it works out for your family.

"Lucky" said...

How old is she? What is she? I wish you all success :)

Queen Scarlett said...

cabesh - you totally nailed it! ;-) heheh

Lucky - Bek says she's around 5-6 yrs old... and they think she's shitzu/ lhasa apso or terrier? I have no idea.... but she's darn cute.

glittersmama said...

Love the name.

I don't know a lot about dogs, but her snout looks too long to be a shih tzu or lhasa.

She is adorable. I'm so excited for you.

Greek Goddess said...

I'm so happy for you. Have fun. You look so excited!

wendysue said...

Just so ya know. . .I gasped when I first saw the title on FB. . . :)

I hope it works out well too! My 9YO would go nuts for a dog. I waiver back and forth too much to make it a done deal yet. . .but you're right. . .sometimes that's exactly what they need to fill that big love in their hearts!

dalene said...

So cool! And I love that pic of you and Bek and Hailey. Congrats!

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks ladies!
Wendysue- that title was Bek's idea. Hehehe