Friday, May 6, 2011

Children's Book Week - Mo Willems

I've come to the end of my week of Children's Book Week giveaways. A week is much too short. I like too many books. I will have to do this again next year. Sharing something I love, makes me so happy.

The final author for this week is Mo Willems. His name exudes cool. His books are pretty rad too. If you haven't read them - you need to drop everything and go get his books stat!

We first got a hold of his book when we read Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! The Pigeon rocks. He also tweets. He definitely, in between yawns, does not want to go to sleeeeeeeeep.

After that we discovered Cat the Cat Who is That? so great for young ones to listen to rhythm, rhyme and see the humor drawn on each page.

Did I mention Mo Willems is an author, illustrator, hilarious smarty pants extraordinaire? He is. I wish I knew him. I wish I knew all the authors I've featured this week. Although I think I might scare them off. Do you think I promised to keep the touching to a minimum they'd be less afraid? (heh)

Our current Mo Willems favorites are the Knuffle Bunny series. In fact, I had bought a bunny for my girls when they were babies. That bunny was stuffed in the stuffed animal box, but now, travels thoughout our home, dubbed... Knuffle Bunny.

You've got to visit his website. It's supposed to be geared towards kids, but dangit - I think it's geared for me too. I love the fun, quirky illustrations and the natural humor he has.

His books should become part of the new parent package. Next to Goodnight Moon - you have to have one of his titles. In fact, every new parent should have each of the books I've mentioned this week. They are fabulous, even if I do say so myself. In my opinion, books last longer than toys, clothes, food... books rule.

For this giveaway you'll receive a copy of Knuffle Bunny Free.

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Giveaway will close on Tuesday, May 10 at midnight PST.


ps. I am not being paid, or asked to giveaway these specific titles. I just sincerely love them.


draeves said...

We love Mo Willems at our house! But we don't have Knuffle Bunny Free (although I think we've checked it out from the library at least 3 times since it came out earlier this year). What amazes me most about his books is how he can generate so much emotion in deceptively simple drawings (Elephant and Piggie are a case in point). And KBF made me cry the first time I read it. So please enter me for this one! I think it's great that you're doing this.

Mrs. Organic said...

We love the DOn't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. They read it every time we go to grandma's house.

Erin said...

I love that pigeon. Even when I'm a grouch, he makes me laugh!

nestle said...

I havent' experienced the pigeon yet BUT Piggie and Elephant books are our favorites not only at home but at school too. My kids (all of them home and school) can't wait until the next one comes out and constantly ask for them by name. Today I will fly. is my favorite but all the rest are hysterical too. Love love love Mo Willems.