Thursday, May 12, 2011


...for intentional grabbing.

In an effort to get us all out the door fast one morning a couple weeks ago, I threw my 6YO and 4YO in the shower with me.

They are taking a performing arts class - 6YO is a fairy godmother

6YO: Hey, don't touch my butt!

4YO: *silence* 

QS: Sweetie, I'm sure your sister didn't mean too. There's not a lot of room in a shower with three people.

6YO: I know she did it on purpose.

QS: How do you know?

6YO: Because! She grabbed it.

It was very hard to keep a straight face while my 4YO looked at me sly-like.  

4YO chose the Alice in Wonderland outfit to be her "princess" costume for her performance

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